3 Activities for You and Your Family This Earth Day

April 22nd, 2022 by

Simple And Easy Earth Day Activities

Simple And Easy Earth Day Activities

Make a Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels are an environmentally friendly way to water your plants throughout the year. A rain barrel might even reduce your water bill over time. Rain barrels capture water that runs off the roof into the gutter area. Collecting this water can improve water erosion along your front or back yard and lessen the amount of fertilizer and pesticides that get washed from your lawn into storm drains.

Watering your lawn and garden is also better for your plants overall. County water can contain chlorine and other chemicals that cause soil build-up and harm sensitive plants. Water from wells contains iron and minerals that also cause build-up and damage. Rainwater even after it has run off the roof and through the gutters contains little to no chemicals and so it is a healthier choice.
How To Make A Rain Barrel

Plant Native Flowers

Your fancy new rain barrel can be used to water your lawn and plants. If you are thinking of adding color and variation to your from or backyard it is best to plant native species. Native species are more likely to survive year after year. Native plants also provide nectar to local pollinators and shelter to native animals. Consult your local Department of Conservation to learn what plants are best suited to your area.

Go Outside

The best way to connect to nature is to go out and explore. Can you remember the last time you just went outside to enjoy the sun? Have a picnic or barbeque at a local park with family and friends. Ride your bike along a local trail. An even better idea is to find a local volunteering event to plant trees or clean up local green spaces. Luckily there are several National Parks within driving distance to go hiking.