Lease-Friendly Ways to Customize and Modify Your Vehicle | Reversible Car Modifications 3 Ways

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Can You Modify A Leased Car?

Can You Modify A Leased Car?

Yes! You can modify a leased vehicle.

When the excitement of a new vehicle begins to wear off you may have the desire to make the vehicle more your own. Before trying any of these modifications always make sure you check your lease agreement to know what requirements are in place for returning the vehicle. Modifications and customizations may also affect your warranty so check the coverage specifications to prevent accidentally voiding your warranty. A leased vehicle typically needs to be returned in the same condition it was given. Any changes and modifications to your vehicle will need to be reversible so you are able to return the vehicle at the end of your leasing period.

Here are three ways to customize your vehicle that are easy to reverse.

Window Tint

Window tint can add to the comfortability and privacy of the cabin. While not all window tints are removable some high-quality window tints are removable. Window tint application and removal should be done by a professional. Before purchasing and installing tint we recommend researching whether the tint percentage is compliant with current road safety laws. This quick search will allow you to avoid an expensive ticket and potentially have to remove the tint on the side of the road to continue driving.

High-Quality Vinyl-Wrap

One of the first features that can become a bit too mundane is exterior paint. Vinyl wrapping is a good alternative to repainting with exterior paint. Vinyl wrapping protects the paint beneath and is molded to the contours of the body to look just like paint. Vinyl should also be done by a body shop professional to prevent bubbles and improper application or removal.


Changing tires is a simpler fix to make your car or SUV better suited to you. Tires have a notable effect on vehicle handling and can also improve fuel economy. Be sure to request to keep the tires that came on the vehicle ahead of time or they may be scrapped and recycled. With the right equipment, you might be comfortable changing all four tires on your own however you should still go to a service center to have the alignment checked and redone if necessary.

Reach out to our service center with any questions about potential customizations and modifications.

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