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Santa Fe: Friendly, Unlimited Potential

Are you and your friends constantly driving multiple vehicles just to go to the same location? Are you the family member who always has to drive because no one else wants to? Do you like discussing the movie on the car ride home from the theater instead of each personal traveling home separately in silence? If so, the Hyundai Santa Fe would be perfect for you!

The handsome styling of the Hyundai Santa Fe shouldn't be seen as bulky, but as unlimited potential. This iconic vehicle is known for its ability to carry numerous passengers. Imagine a road trip with your friends or simply enjoying everyone riding together in the same vehicle to go to the Springfield Town Center, the Franconia pizza restaurant up the road, or the Regal Cinemas in Kingstowne. The Hyundai Santa Fe will feel like an extra friend to you once you get to know and love this vehicle!


The New 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe

The 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe is a three-row roomy and comfortable SUV built for friends and family. Safety, comfort, and technology are strong highlights of the new 2018 Santa Fe. Many of the various features are seen within the three different trims: SE, SE Ultimate, and Limited Ultimate.

If your concern is safety, the Santa Fe is available with advanced safety features such as a Multiview camera, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and lane-departure warning. If you're focused on comfort, rest assured - the 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe features leather upholstery, heated front seats, and a power liftgate.

The Santa Fe SE comes with dual-zone automatic climate control, a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and 18-inch wheels. The SE Ultimate adds extra comfort features such as a 360-degree camera, panoramic sunroof, heated steering wheel, and heated rear seats. If you're seeking even more comfort and safety, the Limited Ultimate offers memory for the power driver's seat and rear parking sensors!

With an impressive safety rating, handsome exterior styling, and a value-packed features list, the new 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe is an excellent choice. Whether you're traveling with friends or family, this vehicle will allow everyone to travel in style and comfort.
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Hyundai Santa Fe: A History

Named after the city in New Mexico, the Santa Fe was Hyundai's first Sport Utility Vehicle. Introduced in 2001 to specifically appeal to North American consumers, the Santa Fe had a five-passenger capacity and 4WD option. This SUV came with dual front airbags and 16-inch aluminum wheels. Although unsure about its looks at first, the Santa Fe was a hit with American buyers. Throughout the years, the Hyundai Santa Fe has made some incredibly different changes that continue to make it the competitive SUV that it is today.

Since it first came out, the Hyundai Santa Fe has changed in design many times. From 2001 to 2004, the Santa Fe became larger with seating increasing from five passengers to seven passengers. In 2007, the amount of passenger space decreased back to five and then in 2009, back to seven. The body of the Santa Fe continued to change, as well as passenger availability. In 2014, Santa Fe went back to seven passengers once again. Despite going through these body changes, the Santa Fe continued to keep its bulky style. This not only gave the Santa Fe some substance and a bit of a personality, but it allowed the vehicle to maintain heft on the road.

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